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Our custom woven labels are our most beautiful and highest quality label option. At the same time, woven labels are the most common and versatile way of branding your garments or products such as clothing, purses, luggage, rugs, towels, toys, promotional items, bedding, and more. Our professional production process and more than 35 years of experience ensure that your clothing labels will last the entire life of your product and our expertise in weaving guarantees a woven label design that will wow your customers. Our label manufacturing facilities in Thailand, China and Myanmar meet the highest industry standards.

Grand Label produces all types of woven labels from custom clothing woven labels, to stock size labels, and care labels. Every woven label that we make is 100% custom, ensuring your logo, lettering, and colors are woven as best as possible. Whether you are an established company or a brand new start-up, we help create a woven label and tag that will fit your needs and budget.

We provide a wide range of different types of woven labels: 

  • Damask Labels
  • Satin labels
  • Taffeta Labels

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The most common type of woven label is the damask woven label. Damask is made up of polyester yarns which come in hundreds of different colors. Damask labels and tags can weave extremely fine details and is very soft against the skin.

Grand Label offers two types of Custom Damask Labels:

  1. 100 denier damask
  2. 50 denier damask (also known as high-density woven label).

The word denier refers to the size of the thread. Meaning, the 50 denier damask yarn is half the size of the 100 denier damask yarn, so it can weave finer details and has the softest feel. The 100 denier damask is extremely high quality, sturdy, and soft. However, for high-end luxury clothing brands or clothing that will be worn by infants or kids, the 50 denier Damask Woven Labels will be your best option.  Our 50 denier high density woven labels have the highest density weave available, displays great details and are very soft and luxurious.

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If you’re looking for something soft with a luxurious sheen that has a vintage look, then you might be interested in the satin woven label. Satin does not weave small details and lettering as well as damask labels and it has a more distinct weave. Satin polyester threads weave the background, while regular damask polyester threads are used to weave the text and design on your label.

Why choose satin labels over damask labels?

Satin labels are the same price as damask labels, so making the choice can be difficult. Most people who choose satin prefer the look and feel of the satin weave over the damask. If you are making vintage inspired clothing or accessories, satin would be a great fit. It’s also great for infant apparel. If you want a label with lots of color and detail, satin might not be right for you, as you are limited in background color options.

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Taffeta labels are the most economical woven label available and are priced lower than damask and satin woven labels. This type of woven label is thinner and sheerer than other woven labels, but if you are looking for a nice, inexpensive label to put on the side of bags, hats, scarves, etc., taffeta woven labels would be perfect for you.

Taffeta labels don’t have fine details in the artwork due to their grainy look but small letters appear decent. Also, taffeta tends to be the least soft of all of the woven labels, so if the label will be touching the skin, we do not recommend this type of weave.

Taffeta polyester threads are used for the background, while damask polyester threads weave the design. While taffeta has more background color options than satin, the options are more limited than damask. Taffeta also dries very quickly, so if you produce swimsuits or towels, taffeta woven labels can be a great option. Also, taffeta produces a grainy, crude style of artwork that might be perfect for brands who want to create such a look. 

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