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Over the years, we have worked together with companies in a wide range of different industries. Every industry has its own requirements and preferences. From satin woven labels to paper price tags, find out what kind of label or tag is most suited for your industry! 

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We are proud to present you some of the world-class brands we have been able to work with over the years. Grand Label has always been focussed on establishing long-term relationships with each and everyone of its clients. 

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Woven Label

Woven clothing labels are our most popular product and the top choice of professional clothing designers. Available in Taffeta, Satin, Twill, Upground, and Damask qualities. As well as high definition and novelty custom made labels

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Printed Label

We produce Satin, Nylon and Cotton printed labels. Whether it be all-natural or Eco-friendly labels or rugged industrial print labels

Heat Transfer Label Icon

Heat Transfer Label

Otherwise known as "tag-less labels", are used when customers want to promote their brand without the bulk of a traditional woven label. They stretch with the fabric, are soft to the touch, and won't itch the skin.

Hang Tag Icon

Hang Tag

Also known as swing tags made of paper or plastic. Also known as button envelop tags with string seal or safety pin

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Embroidered Patches

Custom Embroidered & Iron On Patches. Custom patches add personalization to a shirt or jacket, identify employees, show off a club logo, and more!

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Faux Leather Label

All our Faux Leather Labels are made out of PVC Leather and have an authentic leather feel. Each personalized design is engraved onto the label using laser technology.

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Rubber Label

Soft and rubbery to the touch used for branding products of all types. Especially for outdoor products and clothing. By adding a sewing channel on the labels, they are easy to sew onto any product

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And More..!

High quality packaging, stickers, barcodes, and more!

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